Yoga is a discipline that allows you to become aware of the body, observing it from different points of view, that we usually consider uncertain. It’s a space of inner observation, where movement and breath combine together, pointing out physical and mental needs and potentials, in order for everybody to understand and improve themself.


Teaching is directed to a single person in different ways, going to interact with different bodies, different minds and different souls.


Ashtanga yoga is a method founded and passed down by S.K. Pattabhi Jois (1915-2009) and his nephew S.R. Sharath Jois, at the KPJAYI institute in Mysore-India. Its characteristic is the synchronization of breathing with movement.


We practice a precise sequences of asana alternating them with dynamic transitions, according to a precise breathing count (vinyasa). This allow the body to warm up internally, purifying the whole system. Slowly the cleaned up body will become strong, stable and concentrate.




-If you come for the first time, book your class.

-Wear comfortable clothes that do not hinder the body during movements.

-Try to avoid eating since at least 2 hours before class.

-Yoga is practiced barefoot, take off your shoes before entering the room.

-Yoga is practiced without phone, leave it in the locker room.

-You will sweat, bring a small towel.

-Yoga is a long and often arduous journey, be patient.

-It’s suggested a minimum of two practices per week for a significant result.

khrisnamacharya asana traditional ashtanga yoga

Is the original method conceived in India at KPJAYI, the best way to learn this discipline calmly and safely. The student, always followed by the teacher, will practice the posture and breathing according to his own rhythm and ability. The practice is then carried out in groups, but the instructions given to the needs of the individual student will allow a gradual and balanced learning.


is a lesson in which the teacher guides the group in the sequence, counting the rhythm of the practice and the right synchronization between breath and movement (vinyasa). This class is more focused on understanding and learning the correct vinyasa count and the flow between the positions.