What are we?

We are also part of the animal kingdom, a curious evolution of some species that has resulted in what we are today. In a world populated with animals with teeth, claws and every other types of “weapons”, our trump card lies in the brain.

“Cogito ergo sum”, the act of thinking rationally and abstractly, feeling emotions, interpreting, changing ideas, mood and point of view is the particularity of the human being, which gives him character and leads him to be aware of the world in which lives and of his own existence.

Since we are born the brain is accustomed to follow particular patterns, shaped by different cultures, religions and traditions; with the passage of time, however, we freeze in these stucked logics and, feeling comfortable, we build a box of personal convictions around us, binding us to the habits.

Thus, we lose view on the world around us and the possibilities we have of living it by expressing ourselves in the best possible way. The key to reclaiming a thinking and acting free from fixed and sedimented beliefs, is the awareness of ourselves, which through internal observation and the understanding of our thoughts gives us the possibility to change, always improving ourselves.

Yoga is a tool for this understanding, use it as such.

The vertical thinking in the brain is logical, consequential, which focuses on a solution to a problem, trying to solve the situation from a single point of view.

Lateral thinking, on the other hand, is the one of more intuitive and abstract nature; it runs to solve a problem through an indirect approach, observing it from different angles and breaking down convictions and obvious logic.

With lateral thinking we leave the well known path of logic, we abandon our comforts by exploring paths and worlds, which we previously ignored the existence.

These 9 points are an enigma to stimulate the lateral thinking coming out of the habitual thoughts. Draw 4 segments to touch all the points without lifting the pen from the paper.

Free your mind!

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