• Led Class


  • Mysore


  • Mysore


  • Mysore


  • Special class one/two times a month

Mysore Class is the original method of teaching this practice, the best way to learn this discipline calmly and correctly. The student, always guided and corrected by the teacher, will practice the posture and breathing according to his own rhythm and abilities. The lesson is then carried out in groups, but with different timing and intensity, as well as instructions, given to the needs of the individual, will allow a gradual and balanced learning. 

Led Class is a lesson in which the teacher guides the group in the sequence, counting the rhythm of the practice and the right synchronization between breath and movement (vinyasa). This class is more focused to understanding and learning the correct vinyasa count and the flow between the positions, instead of the position itself. The count during the lesson is performed in Sanskrit and only the names of the postures are “called”; the students practice up to the last position they do in the regular classes, then wait the last minutes the other pratictioner and resume all together in the final closing part.

This type of lesson takes place twice a week, the first and last day of practice, and all the students who did at least about 10 classes are welcome.

Because of tradition, there will be no classes during full moon days neither new moon days of every month.

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